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Busibricks enables franchisors to take control of their franchisees whilst empowering them to build better businesses. Busibricks is a flexible online franchise management system that grows with your business, providing a cost effective solution to the key issues faced by franchisors and their networks.

Take control with Busibricks Franchise Manager

Developed as a flexible system to put your unique business processes online, Busibricks Franchise Manager empowers you and your franchisees to grow their businesses. As franchisor you also benefit from control and visibility to track the performance of your network.

Happy franchisor and franchisee using Busibricks

Build Network Revenue

Benchmark franchisees to identify trends

Set indicator benchmarks for your network and monitor performance against these targets. Easily compare performance over time and between territories, identifying your best and worst performers.

Focus support and resources more effectively

Clear and simple reporting that lets you accurately track single territories to quickly see where a franchisee is performing well, or where there may be issues, ensuring your time is spent where it is needed most.

Target franchisees personal development needs

By tracking how franchisees' perform in finding, developing and servicing new business, you can easily identify any issues that arise and provide immediate support.

Track the new behaviour to sustain growth

Transform behaviours by creating a model of excellence then use our systems to roll it out across the network and track performance.

Franchisor and franchisee planning marketing strategy with Busibricks

Maintain Brand Consistency

One central point for hosting and updating core brand materials

Ensure your branding is consistent across all territories as franchisees can easily access all the latest versions of marketing materials, logos, documents, brochures and more from the centralised repository.

Maintain the latest versions of your operations manuals online

Improve system compliance by storing the latest versions of operations manuals in one location. Updates can be done simply and a network-wide message can be sent to inform franchisees of the update.

Manage your franchise communities' internal communications

Our easy to use communication tools lets the franchisor and franchisees share experiences and expertise, as well as solve problems. Enables communication with the whole network or franchisor defined forums.

Integrates with your franchisees bookkeeping and accounts systems

Enable your franchisees to focus on their business by automating management processes and streamlining tasks. The system integrates with popular brands including XERO, QuickBooks and Kashflow.

Busibricks helping to build happy franchises

Monitor Performance

Track sales activity across your network

Gain a clear view of opportunities won and lost within your network. Manage single territories with real time financial performance metrics. Design your own reports to clearly see what is critical to your network.

Live pipeline reporting to stay ahead of issues

Real-time tracking of opportunities and sales leads enables you to improve planning and identify when franchisees require help to close more deals.

Monitor your franchisees' customer relationships

Handing the reins of your business model over doesn't mean losing control. Shared content lets you view customer communications and insights into lead conversion rates, giving you an idea of network health.

Franchisee can track their sales performance

Create a culture of continuous improvement with clear and simple real-time financial reports. Franchisees can track Key Performance Indicators against their targets in regular intervals as defined by you.

Busibricks, helping franchisors lead from the front

Recruit Franchisees

An online location for recording all communications with leads

Simplify the process of bringing new franchisees on board by tracking progress from initial enquiry to first day of trading.

Automate, track and develop your prospect responses

Having a demonstrably clear and easy recruitment process helps attract new franchisees to your network. Our automated interface ensures lead enquiries are instantly entered into your prospecting database.

Drive and monitor engagement as candidates progress

We provide tools and strategies to improve communication, tracking and engagement to ensure each stage of the recruitment process is monitored and completed.

Identify pipeline bottlenecks to improve conversions

With clear and simple reports showing the prospect pipeline, any delays or issues in the recruitment process are easily identified and action can be taken to resolve them.

Nick and his team have been great to work with and have configured Busibricks to work seamlessly with our existing system. It's had a huge time saving effect on our franchisees; allowing them to devote more time to the running and development of their businesses.

Powerful features to strengthen your business.

Busibricks has a host of features that can be utilised straight out of the box, or rolled out in stages to your network. From making it easier for franchisees to connect in a meaningful way with their customers, to providing you a unique view of your network using reports and sales tracking, add even more value to your business model with Busibricks Franchise Manager.

Email Inbox Integration

Real-time email Integration.

Contact Import

Easily import your existing contacts.

Integrated Accounts

Integrate with online accounts packages like XERO and Quickbooks Online.

Customisable CRM

A CRM system that aids speedy adoption.


Share your thoughts, meetings and call notes with colleagues.

Connections That Count

Add meaning to your business relationships linking relevant contacts, tasks and events.

Dedicated Diaries

Create Diaries for Users, Contacts and Events.

Secure Your Files

Secure Cloud Storage for your Records.

Automated Administration

Save hours in admin by easily creating your own workflows.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to people and organisations to groups and events in the way your business works.

Scheduled Reminders

Easily schedule reminders across your network.


Bring meaning to your records with customisable tags.

Email Marketing

Empower your Network with email marketing tools.

Dynamic Reports

Customisable reports provide the information YOU need.

Saved Reports

Automate Regular Reports.

Historical Reports

Archive Reports to Build a History of your business.

Share Resources

Keep your resources accessible with a Secure online repository.

Real-time Announcements

It's simple to keep your network up to date.

Plan Your Day

Stay on top of your activities with the Today Planner.

Monitor Business Activity

The activity stream tracks your networks activity in real time.

Model Your Processes

Accelerate network activity by automating your business processes.

Track Your KPIs

Monitor your networks performance against their KPI's.

Graphical Analysis

Bring your analysis alive with meaningful graphics.

Synchronize Calendars

Synchronise your Outlook and Google Calendars with Buibricks.

Community Forum

Support your network through the Community Forum.

Data Export, Your Way

Easily export your data and use it the way you need to.

Brand your Busibricks

Make the system your own by integrating your network identity.

Lead Nurturing

Keep your sales and recruitement prospects warm with automated lead handling.

Automated Sales Funnels

Effectively manage leads and opportunities to grow your network in a few clicks.

Online Customer Engagement

Create enhanced customer expericences with the Busibricks API.

Effective digital marketing involves getting the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channels and that's exactly what Wildfire help us do by working with us to improve our business' online presence.

All the tools your network needs

Busibricks' provides the tools and applications to manage every aspect of your network. They streamline your current business practices and bring your current franchise operations online effortlessly. You can get an overview of your network from the CRM; automate your business workflows and Processes and so much more.

  • Activity

    • Screen shot of activity screen module of franchise management system Busibricks

    Manage all your daily tasks and key announcements by the hour in a focused, intuitive activity screen. Mark past events as read to archive already viewed activities - and see what's coming up in the next few weeks in your scrollable activity stream. Easy to understand and even easier to manage, the Busibricks activity module also uses custom alerts and notifications to ensure you never miss another important appointment, event or date.

  • CRM

    • Screen shot of CRM module of franchise management system Busibricks

    Get a complete, customizable overview of the franchisees and key contacts in your network on one easily accessible screen. See all your prospects, events and tasks, and organize people into coherent groups and organisations. Record contact details, take notes, share information and make connections. Totally streamline your CRM workflow with an intuitive interface that empowers you to schedule reports, manage courses - and establish role-based user permissions.

    Featuring seamless integration with many third party accounting packages, such as XERO, Kashflow, and Quick Books, our powerful CRM complements your current systems and workflows to create one central management environment - effectively streamlining your everyday tasks and enhancing your productivity.

  • Processes

    • Screen shot of process designer in franchise management system Busibricks

    Create and document key organisational processes with this highly customizable module. Start a new process, assign its owner from your CRM contacts - and set what stage you're at within the workflow. It's simple, straightforward and accountable. Create key properties within each pipeline and attach milestones to complete for everyone, ensuring nothing is missed and you and your assigned managers always run a tight ship.

    Need to monitor conversion paths in your sales funnel, keep tabs on your recruitment process, generate orders or effectively communicate with your franchise owners? This module gives you the tools to create and micro-manage all the key processes that make your business tick, streamlining your workflow to enhance both your productivity and profitability.

  • Calendar

    • Screen shot of the month view in the franchise management system Busibricks calendar

    Simple, responsive and so easy to use, our at-a-glance calendar provides day, week and month views so you never miss key dates, with single click 'add event' functionality on the date of your choice. Offering full integration with Google, Office 365 and iCal, you can assign event names, dates and durations and assign each calendar event to a specific named user. If you need to see an overview of the whole year, you can scroll month-by-month so you always know where you are.

  • Reports

    • Screen shot of reports module in franchise management system Busibricks

    Create and run detailed reports on every operational metric you can think of to assess the financial and operational health of your network. From income and expenditure reports by franchise and territory, to profit and loss comparisons, CRM activity, KPI analysis and an overview of your processes - Busibricks' reporting module gives you fast, accurate and coherent access to the crucial metrics that matter.

    Across the key operational tasks of recruiting franchisees, managing your brand, driving revenue and monitoring your network, our reporting system will help you keep tabs on the health of your business - with easy data exporting also enabling the external analysis and sharing of essential reports.

  • KPI Tracker

    • Screen shot of KPI Tracker module in franchise management system Busibricks, showing graphs

    Create, manage and track key performance indicators in an intuitive and completely configurable way. Easily assign values to various metrics and target specific KPI's to different target users, also establishing frequency and bespoke labelling. Automate the input of KPI metrics by sending custom emails to the various managers charged with collecting and uploading essential data points - and never miss a submission with custom alerts and deadline notifications.

  • The Books

    • Screen shot of invoices in the books module of franchise management system Busibricks

    It's essential, but managing the books can often be daunting. Busibricks streamlines the whole process of drafting, sending and following up on invoices and purchases. Providing full integration with many third party accounting packages, such as Xero, Kashflow and QuickBooks, you can see what's pending and paid within one screen view, and easily enter essential contact details, dates, addresses and line items. With a print facility for all documents, it's fair to say our straightforward approach to accounting takes the hassle out of balancing the books.

  • Resources

    • Screen shot of resources module in franchise management system Busibricks, showing files and links

    Add multimedia resources such as PDF's, spreadsheets, graphics and links within clearly defined categories, in a resources module that allows for true flexibility. If you need to upload and share key support materials with specific franchisees or all of them, you'll find the easy-to-use functionality of the resources section will save you time and enhance intelligent information sharing across your network.

Simple pricing plans for networks of all sizes

Busibricks Franchise Manager has a simple subscription based pricing structure reflective of your needs and the scale of your network. If you have any additional requirements we will provide you with an appropriately priced plan of action. All consultancy and development work is subject to quotation.


The franchise management system that grows with your network



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Improve franchise operations by connecting our world with yours in a fully customizable platform



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Integrate your systems with Busibricks to leverage limitless power, support and functionality



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