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Because your company is special

we offer tailored solutions that automate your processes, help your people perform better and increase business productivity


“A well ordered company has the power to shape itself for the future.”

Busibricks is the first ERP solution that can be tailored to effectively systemise and simplify smaller enterprises. Busibricks is the ERP for SME, an elegant and simple cloud based application.

  • Connect all aspects of your operation
  • Break bottlenecks to make more time
  • Automate processes, invoicing and communication
  • Write perfect proposals and reports in minutes
  • Free yourself up to run your business

What We Do

We provide easy-to-use software and simple solutions to help you run your business better

Brexit Planning

Busibricks can systemise your business in time for Brexit and get you and your company ready for whatever lies ahead.

Customer Relationship Management

Busibricks gives you a CRM that is shaped around you and how you work. A CRM that delivers for you, your people and your customers.

Human Resource Management

Busibricks keeps your staff records and contracts in one handy central location and ensures your recruitment and staff review policies are followed fairly and efficiently.

Reduce Admin Load

Busibricks rapidly systemises your company by converting your processes into Digital Assistants that ensure quality, minimise repetitive tasks and automate management.

Record Management

Busibricks makes it easy to profile, manage and share your business information. From your IOT data to your customer records Busibricks ensures your company is always up to date.

Integrated Accounting

Busibricks lifts the load from finance by enabling other departments to transact in line with your business rules. We can also integrate into your accounting system of choice.

Analytics and Reporting

Busibricks records your company KPIs at every step of the way so you have instant access to the business analytics and reports you need to grow.

Connect your company

Busibricks’ API enables your existing business systems to interact with ours. We also integrate into a growing number of systems from Google and MS365 to Xero and GoCardless.

How We Work

By working closely with you and your people we ensure your company’s continual improvement

Step 1 Analysis

Identify the tasks, activities and processes in your company that will deliver the greatest returns from digital transformation

Step 2 Planning

Develop your digital transformation strategy and set a pace of change that suits you and your company

Step 3 Systemisation

Deploy systems that work for you and enable your people to perform at their best

Step 4 Automation

Implement and optimise your processes, removing bottlenecks, improving business efficiency and enhancing customer & team satisfaction

Step 5 Reporting

Set and measure your Key Performance Indicators to help you continually refine your strategy and improve performance

The Ways You Win

By systemising your business we make it more productive and easier to manage

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