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Shaping your company for the future

Realising your vision strategy and beliefs

For nearly two decades the corporate world has been reaping the rewards of digital transformation. They have invested millions with the likes of IBM, Capgemini, PWC and KPMG who have deployed their armies of consultants to work up strategies and created large dedicated teams supported by complex systems to implement them.

For the first time since digital transformation was conceived there is a service designed for the SME market and you will be pleased to know it is, affordable, simple and personal.

What We Do

We provide simple solutions to the problems that keep you awake at night

Enterprise Resource Planning

Busibricks brings ERP to the smaller business. Manage and integrate all of the critical aspects of your company in one elegant and simple application that really makes your business run efficiently. Business owners and managers can finally stop fighting fires and start steering the ship.

Customer Relationship Management

Is your CRM working? Is it being used effectively? Trying to squeeze your business into someone else’s model is never going to be a good fit. With Busibricks you can have a CRM that is shaped around you and how you work. A CRM delivers for you, your people and your customers.

Human Resource Management

Busibricks HRM solutions Keep your staff records and contracts in one handy central location. Generate real time reports on staff activity and performance. Deploy Digital Assistants that ensure your recruitment and review policies are followed fairly and efficiently. Integrate into your payroll software to lift the admin load.

Reduce your admin load

With Busibricks you can rapidly systemise your company by converting your processes into Digital Assistants that ensure quality, minimise repetitive tasks and enable the automated management of multi-person activities.

Asset Management

Keep all your asset information in one place. From your files, your people, your buildings & estates to your livestock and your internet things Busibricks makes it easy to profile, manage and share your business records and data.

Integrated Accounting

Lift the load from your finance team by enabling sales and support to raise invoices inline with your processes and business rules. Busibricks integrates into your accounting system of choice including Xero, Quickbooks and Sage.

Audits and Analytics

Busibricks records your company KPIs at every step of the way so you have instant access to the business analytics and reports you need to grow. For watertight audit requirements we can even lock a blockchain into your business critical processes.

How We Work

Working with you and your people to ensure your company’s continual improvement

Step 1 Analysis

Identify the tasks, activities and processes in your company that will deliver the greatest returns from digital transformation

Step 2 Planning

Develop your digital transformation strategy and set a pace of change that suits you and your company

Step 3 Systemisation

Deploy systems that work for you and enable your people to perform at their best

Step 4 Automation

Implement and optimise your processes, removing bottlenecks, improving business efficiency and enhancing customer & team satisfaction

Step 5 Reporting

Set and measure your Key Performance Indicators to help you continually refine your strategy and improve performance

The Ways You Win

We systemise your business making it more productive and manageable

  • Scale and grow sustainably

  • Train your team

  • Reduce administration

  • Improve responsiveness

  • Assure consistent quality

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Break down traditional hierarchies

  • Evidence based decision making

  • Redefine company culture

  • Find new competitive advantages

  • Free up time for you and your team

  • Raise productivity

  • Minimise costs, maximise profits

  • Relieve stress and improve health

  • Future proof your company

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