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About Busibricks

“Digital transformation helps companies find new competitive advantages, improve customer relationships and raise productivity. By making the benefits of digital transformation available to SMEs Busibricks enables companies of all sizes to put the systems in place that allow them to focus on their people, the staff and the customers, the true drivers of their success.”

Nick Donald, Founder, Busibricks

Our Story

It was way back in 2003, we had just delivered an ecommerce system that spanned five continents, transacted over $30M a month and ultimately helped our client find a buyer. We were looking for a new challenge and saw a gap in the market for online applications that were accessible to the growing army of online users in smaller businesses.

So we started building simple, elegant systems to help SMEs succeed online. We believe that great applications, especially business ones should be child’s play for non-technical people to use, they should not be a chore or a bore but should be relevant, focussed and engaging.


Wildfire Technology founded with the goal of building business software that people will actually like using.


Spark Content Manager launched. Built for the SME market and designed to deliver feature rich web sites built and managed by non-technical users. Spark based solutions are delivered for private and third sector clients.


In 2006 we were delighted that Spark was chosen to deliver the web content for Arnold Clark, the biggest independently owned car dealer in Europe with over two hundred branches and a turnover in excess of two billion. We went on to develop a suite of business management systems to manage stock, create press and online ads and distribute data feeds. We are proud to have worked with Arnold Clark for over a decade.

“Effective digital marketing involves getting the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channels and that’s exactly what they help us do by working with us to improve our business’ online presence.”

Carol Fairchild, Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited (UK based, Automotive Retail)


Spark’s flexibility enabled our small, talented team to deliver a wide range of solutions over the next few years including:

  • Housing management systems
  • Support portals
  • A business coach finder
  • Documentation publishing systems
  • An Online TV channel


In 2012 we started work on Busibricks, a process automation and delivery application designed to make businesses run more productively and enable owners and managers to spend their time running the business not running after it.


Wagging Tails were launched on Busibricks becoming our first franchise client. They were struggling to grow their franchises and their franchisees were spending too much time on admin. We worked closely with them to identify and remove the head office bottlenecks and reduced the admin load throughout.  

“The team have been great to work with and have configured Busibricks to work seamlessly with our existing system. It’s had a huge time saving effect on our franchisees; allowing them to devote more time to the running and development of their businesses.”

Lisa Suswain Wagging Tails UK Limited

“Busibricks works around your business rather than you having to fit your business into their system; which was our experience with other providers.”

Jim Suswain, Director, Wagging Tails Limited


We started working with Husky Heat Pumps to ensure their sales processes complied with UK renewables legislation.

We also helped event management company Morning Gloryville model and automate the processes they use to plan and manage their sober morning raves across the globe.


SyncThermology choose Busibricks to assure the quality of reporting for their Veterinary Imaging business.

“I knew I had found someone who understood the challenges of running a business and the importance of quality control”

Sophie Gent, Managing Director, SyncThermology

“It has saved everyone in the company time and energy as the processes are simple and user friendly. We are excited to develop the system further with the team at Busibricks.”

Sophie Gent, Managing Director, SyncThermology


Busibricks Cloud launched and ready to help businesses of all sizes and complexity be more efficient and effective. To celebrate the launch, our first client on the new system was an upgrade to the Scottish Veterans’ Garden City Association application management system, one of the first Spark solutions!

Meet our Team

The Busibricks team is comprised of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills working together to help businesses succeed online.

Nick Donald
Founder & Managing Director

Nick learned the true power of computers while studying Politics at Newcastle University. This led him to do a postgrad course in multimedia where he learned how to make things usable, fun and where possible go whee! He then helped Noddy go to School and pick up an Interactive Bafta.

By then the internet was ready and Nick dived into the wonders of the web. Nick still loves making things go whee, but also enjoys removing redundant repetition and working with business owners to solve the problems that keep them up at night. In his spare time you will find him walking his dogs or tending to his riverside garden.

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Colin Redpath
Founder & Production Director

Colin always wanted to build things. In the late 80’s he began a degree in Mechanical Engineering but seeing that computers were the next big thing he switched to Computer Integrated Engineering which gave him an excellent grounding in process design and automation.

On graduation Colin learned HTML from a book and became a web developer going on to build a US wide auto-parts marketplace that utilised 56K modems (remember them?) for communications. He then joined the team at Begin where he met Nick. Colin is music mad, in his spare time presents on online radio show and attends every gig he can.

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Jonathan Ditcher
Head of Development

Jonathan fell in love with technology when he realised that he could model and create without limits. It gave him the freedom find the best fit solution in the sea of possibility. He graduated with a masters degree in Software Engineering at Edinburgh’s Napier University where he was awarded the medal for outstanding academic achievement.

On graduation Jonathan developed a number of telecommunications applications and consulted on the provision of ubiquitous technologies before joining the team at Busibricks. “Mae Jonathan yn siarad Cymraeg” … sorry … Jonathan speaks welsh and has a passion for sport especially football.

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