The Team

Who are we?

We are a skilled team dedicated to providing our customers with the software and solutions that truly meet their needs rather than a one size fits all off the shelf product.

We are the Busibricks’ system developers and solution providers so rest assured you won’t be dealing with a shiny suit with brochure level knowledge! We come with a can-do attitude that really can.

We like to get to know our new customers and work with them to gain a clear understanding of how they operate. That way we can provide them with the ideal long term solution.

Management Team

Nick Donald

  • Nick hates doing things twice. His arch enemy is repetition.
  • A background in multimedia and User Interface Design

From automating the Secret Santa to writing a business name generator …. Nick firmly believes that there is a process and a system that can improve any task.

This experience of complex distributed business operations inevitably led Nick and the team to develop Busibricks, their business management and process automation system.

Nick’s passion for developing leading edge technology to fulfil his client’s requirements has lead him to become an authority on the subject, sharing his thoughts on best practice as a speaker and contributor to trade magazines and journals.

Colin Redpath

  • Colin likes building things. His arch enemy is complexity.
  • A background in engineering systems

Given the chance, Colin will explain the process involved in making a cup of tea extolled to him by a University lecturer. Fill the kettle with water … are you in the room with the kettle?

There is hidden complexity and assumption in everything we do, things can go wrong with even the simplest tasks. Colin relishes the challenge of using Busibricks to help deliver processes in a format that anyone can understand and follow.

Colin is an experienced digital professional and project manager. An expert in planning and delivering business critical management systems for national and international distributed sales networks.