Improve Customer Engagement

Michael's story

Michael had a very complex booking process that required customers to complete large forms on his website that sent him an email that he then had to forward to the correct franchisee for action. We worked with Michael on streamlining his booking process and provided him with an API access so he could link his site directly to Busibricks. The API link creates booking jobs automatically and assigns them to the customers office of choice. Customers can now book faster and their orders are processed and fulfilled quicker too.

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Unlike other business management systems Busibricks has been designed to work across your entire organisation without breaking the bank. Busibricks allows you to improve levels of customer engagement at every stage from initial enquiry through fulfillment to support.

  • Sell your way, not how your CRM vendor tells you

    With Busibricks you can create sales pipelines that really work for your business. Create pipelines designed to sell individual products and services or even create custom pipelines for individual users to help them sell at their best.

  • Communicate effectively

    Have ongoing, easy-to-manage conversations with your customers using Busibricks communications templates.

    All emails are stored within Busibricks so you and your team can gain access to all historical conversations when required.

  • Provide consistent levels of service

    Busibricks Workflow Driven Applications ensure that your processes are followed to the letter so every customer receives a consistent quality of service.

  • Improve customer support

    Busibricks is not just another sales CRM, it ensures that key customer data is available at every touch point from initial enquiry to support and delivery.

  • Take orders and bookings online

    With the Busibricks API working for your business you can fully integrate your current online operations into your productivity toolkit. Orders and bookings placed on your website are instantly transferred into Busibricks for automatic assignment to the right member of your team.

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Peter's story

Peter was sick of his CRM, he needed one that would work for his business and one his sales team would actually use. A key requirement was guiding his salespeople through the information gathering process that was vital to produce accurate quotes. We implemented a number of sales pipelines to provide his staff with the tools they needed to generate quotations quickly and send them to his prospects attached to a personalised e-brochure. The addition of e-signatures to his quotations allows Peter’s prospects to become customers in a click.

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