Make more time

Katy's story

Katy and her head office team were so busy looking after her existing technicians and consultants that she was unable meet her growth targets. We identified that one of the most time consuming management tasks was assigning jobs to consultants and ensuring they were completed on time. With Busibricks managing her core processes, Katy was able to take advantage of our auto-delegation feature meaning she and her management team were able to concentrate on building the business.

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With Busibricks taking care of your day to day operations you and your management team will have more time to develop, manage and grow the business.

  • Enhance your intelligence

    Busibricks collects and records KPIs from multiple sources both internal and external. This provides you instant access to the latest information about the health and performance of your operation.

  • View reports in real time

    Busibricks real time reports give you and other managers immediate insight into what is working for your operation, and what isn’t.

    You can run multiple KPI reports against staff, departments and offices to get a clear picture of activity, performance and productivity.

  • Manage your staff records

    The Busibricks Team module enables access to HR records in a flash. HR records can be tailored to meet your exact requirements so you can be sure you are storing the employee data you need.

  • The right person for the job

    Many real world jobs require regular assignments and delegations. Busibricks takes care of this for you by ensuring that your KPIs are recorded accurately and on time while your jobs are being done by the best people.

  • Secure sharing

    Busibricks security model ensures that the right information is only available to the people who have permission. Access to CRM and HR Records, invoices and files in the Resource Library can all be controlled by content creators and their managers.

  • Reduce the need to supervise

    Busibricks process driven applications keep your staff on track so you don’t have to. Applications are built into logical stages which contain a collection of easy to complete actions.

    Actions can be configured to collect KPI data in the background so you always have the latest information for your reports.

    Onboard new staff faster

    With your training and other onboarding processes mapped into Busibricks onboarding new staff is made faster and simpler meaning you can focus your attention where it is really needed.

  • Promote home and remote working

    Busibricks was designed with remote workforce management in mind making it the ideal tool for managing home and overseas workers. Busibricks brings your operations together in one central online location so your team don’t have to be.

  • Automated team integration

    Busibricks automated delegation allows jobs to be safely passed from one team member to another regardless of where they live within your operation.

    Contracts can be automatically passed from Sales to Legal for approval. Once one user has completed their role the job can be sent back to the source or passed to another user if required. All of this with a clear audit and notification trail.

  • Manage across multiple offices and departments

    Busibricks was built to bring together complex organisations made of multiple offices, departments and even enterprises making it the ideal tool for expanding operations of all types.

    From franchises and licensing operations to traditional multi-location companies Busibricks makes staying on top of your business a breeze.

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Elaine's story

Elaine needed more time to recruit new franchisees and grow her network but she was struggling with managing her franchisee accounts. It was taking four days a month out of her busy schedule just to keep their books up to date. We automated her core booking processes for her and streamlined her financial tracking. These changes cut her bookkeeping time to a few hours a month allowing her to dedicate the time to growing her network threefold in two years.

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