Cut running costs

Sharon's story

Sharon had a number of issues with client reports. She was frustrated by the time it took her team to prepare the documents; they frequently failed to meet company standards, and there was no audit trail so she couldn’t track who had seen them. Working with Sharon we reviewed and optimised her report creation process and implemented them in Busibricks. Now it takes her team a matter of minutes to log their data and create and distribute reports to her clients.

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Dramatically reduce your running costs by deploying your best practices and processes as Workflow Driven Applications in Busibricks.

  • Be more agile and responsive

    Busibricks enables you to do business faster and smarter. By converting your core processes into reusable interactive applications day-to-day operations become more streamlined giving you and your staff more time to try new approaches and improve existing ones.

    New processes can be rapidly built, deployed, tested and rolled out enabling you to take your business in new directions faster.

  • Work smarter and faster while reducing waste 

    Busibricks document personalisation and integrated e-distribution allows you to dramatically reduce your operation’s paper use and speed up communications with both suppliers and customers alike.

    Our e-signing service ensures agreements are sent, signed and returned faster meaning you can transact business quicker and without the need for all those stamps and postal delays. Your signed documents are kept securely in the cloud so there’s no need to go searching through filing cabinets or colleagues desks.

  • Reduce the time and costs of training

    By delivering training through Busibricks you can cut the cost of keeping your team up to date with your best practise.

    Training activity is automatically tracked and linked to your employee records helping you keep on top of individual performance and requirements.

  • Build a culture of trust

    By putting Busibricks to work you can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to directly supervise your staff. Busibricks processes ensure that the most complex jobs and the most straightforward tasks are all completed to your exacting standards.

  • Manage across multiple offices and locations

    Busibricks has been designed to ease the headaches of managing multi-location and departmental operations.

    With it’s hierarchical department and office management tools you can model and manage all of your business locations from one convenient online application.

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Brad's story

Brad was struggling to grow his international fitness business. He had a winning formula but limited head office resources made it hard to manage a twenty-four hour operation. Busibricks helped him communicate more effectively and ensured his fitness programmes were delivered as designed and his brand was consistently projected worldwide.

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