Increase productivity

James' story

James’s franchisees were buried with paperwork. Each reservation took over an hour to produce and process manually. The admin overload was affecting profitability and was causing frustration in the network. We analysed his booking procedures and identified the key areas that would benefit from automation. We implemented the revised process in Busibricks which has saved each franchisee an average of two hours a day in admin, increased profits and raised franchisee satisfaction.

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Make your business work more effectively by letting Busibricks take care of everyone’s day-to-day admin.

  • Keep your team on track

    With your processes modelled in Busibricks your staff will be kept on track. Jobs will be completed faster and to your exacting standards.

    Because Busibricks helps steer your employees through their day there is less need for constant active supervision resulting in less stressed, happier employees.

  • Improve staff engagement

    Busibricks’ processes are designed to relieve the administrative load for all team members. With less repetitive chores to do, your staff will have more time to focus on the more engaging aspects of their job.

    So as well as increasing productivity your staff will be happier, and happier staff have been found to be 12% more productive.

  • Train faster, better and more cost effectively

    With your training modelled into Busibricks’ processes, your staff will have access to a wealth of resources that will enhance their performance every day.

    Bringing new team members onboard will be faster and easier, while Busibricks’ reporting will enable you to keep a close eye on their progress.

  • Clarify communications

    Busibricks’ sharing and communications tools helps keep your employees better informed and connected. Our internal, email and Slack notifications ensure that you and your staff are kept up to date with active tasks and job statuses.

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Roger's story

Roger was trying to expand his innovative alternative energy business but kept getting caught up in government red tape. We worked with him to standardise his activity and contracts and built them into Busibricks’ processes. With Busibricks keeping his sales and support team on track, making sure the contracts were signed, above board and safely stored, Roger was able to successfully grow his business both in the UK and overseas.

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