Busibricks Applications

Busibricks is a suite of connected and complimentary software tools that form the building blocks of your ideal business management system.

Be sure to check out our featured applications below.

  • Pet and veterinary

    Flexible software tools for animal service and veterinary businesses

    • Customise each animal category to record the info your business needs
    • Maintain documentation
    • Keep track of ownership, health and care
    • Stay on top of behaviour and training information
  • Franchise management

    Franchise software to help grow happy and efficient networks

    • Define and control franchise territories
    • Manage franchisee accounts
    • Deliver the latest operations manuals
    • Create easy to follow applications from core processes
    • Track and collect management service fees
    • Connect your website with your franchisees
  • Recruitment

    Recruitment software to help source and select the talent you need

    • Define candidate profiles
    • Manage job postings
    • Build recruitment pipelines designed to find the best candidates
    • Match jobs with candidates
    • Manage communications
    • Feed applications from your website
  • Automotive

    Dealer management software for effective automobile retail operations

    • Control and customise stock information
    • Manage dealerships and franchises
    • Create on and offline advertising
    • Generate stock feeds for Autotrader etc.
    • Build sales pipelines fed from your website
  • Housing

    Property software for estate agents, landlords and housing associations

    • Manage housing stock
    • Assign tenants to properties
    • Collect and track maintenance requests
    • Create property brochures and adverts
    • Manage waiting lists
  • Engineering

    Productivity software to cut red tape, improve reporting and raise output

    • Manage staff in-house and on site
    • Communicate effectively with staff, clients and contractors
    • Free up staff to solve real world problems not submit paperwork
    • Ensure complex projects are delivered on time to a consistently high standard

Core applications

  • CRM

    Flexible CRM tools for building lasting relationships with customers and suppliers

    • Design customer & supplier databases tailored to your business needs
    • Maintain up to date contact information and notes
    • Store contracts and agreements
    • Connect records to define relationships between them
  • Applications

    Turn your business processes into interactive workflow driven applications

    • Save hours in repetitious admin
    • Roll out and track training
    • Implement booking systems
    • Gather and share business critical information
    • Build interactive sales pipelines
    • Automate invoicing
  • Business intelligence

    Keep on top of your business' performance with real time KPI capture and reporting

    • Collect KPIs from all areas of the system
    • Gather external KPIs both manually and via the Busibricks API
    • Create automatic reminders to ensure KPIs are submitted on time, every time
    • Track multiple KPI performance across offices and departments
    • Spot trends by tracking performance over time
    • Save reports as PDFs and share them with stakeholders
    • Export report data for deeper analysis
  • HR

    Human resource tools to help you get the most from your team

    • Keep staff records up to date
    • Monitor team member performance
    • Ensure your staff have access to the best training
  • Task management

    Flexible task tools ideal for keeping track of individual jobs or entire projects

    • Define task types for you and your team
    • Assign tasks and track their progress
    • Create tasks from Busibricks Applications ensuring your team stay on top of their jobs
    • Create collections of related tasks, ideal for keeping projects on track
  • Diary and event management

    Calendar tools to ensure successful events and appointments

    • Manage diaries with Google & MS Office 365 integration
    • Create and share appointments with colleagues
    • Integrate diary management into your Busibricks Applications ensuring your team stay on top of their meetings
    • Integrated messaging with invitees and attendees
  • Resource management

    File sharing tools to keep your team informed

    • Create categorised, searchable collections of resources
    • Distribute critical links and important files to your offices and departments
    • Share resources with other stakeholders
    • Track who has accessed resources
  • Company directory

    Organizational tools to manage your offices, departments and team members

    • Manage your company structure as it grows
    • Define department and office profiles
    • Add offices, departments and teams
    • Control access to individual departments and offices
  • Accounts

    Simple bookkeeping tools to keep your accounts up to date

    • Simple money in / out ledgers for each office and department
    • Add invoice and receipt generation in your Busibricks Applications for automated accounting
    • Track staff expenses and other purchases
    • Integrates into third party accounting applications like Xero and Quickbooks for fully auditable accounts and profit and loss reporting
  • Build your Busibricks

    Integrate Busibricks into your business' systems with our API

    • Extend your business with our fully functional API
    • Connect Busibricks into your back end systems to share data and capture KPIs
    • Capture leads by connecting Busibricks to your customer facing websites