Growing a franchise business?

Struggling to recruit and on-board the next crop of franchisees while supporting your existing network?

By building your business with Busibricks you can spend more time growing your network while your existing franchisees are fully supported. Busibricks is a flexible, cost effective franchise management system that grows with your business.

How can Busibricks help me grow my franchise business?

  • Free up head office time to support your franchisees better

    Busibricks helps you make the time to get more from your greatest assets, your franchisees.

  • Ensure your processes are followed

    Make your day to day operations run like clockwork with rapid built interactive applications modelled on your core processes.

  • Improve network revenues

    Busibricks' process applications help your franchisees work faster and smarter; freeing up time they can dedicate to customer care and generating more sales.

  • Grow sustainably

    Busibricks reduces your day to day admin load and integrates your recruitment processes giving you more time to recruit the best franchisees to grow your network

  • Boost and protect your brand

    Busibricks provides a central location for your latest brand guidelines and operations manuals. By channelling customer communications through Busibricks your brand image and core messages are

  • Keep a close eye on network performance

    Busibricks' KPI tracking and real time reporting enables you to keep tabs on all aspects of network activity. From leads generated, sales closed and so much more, Busibricks keeps you on top of the numbers.

  • Extend Busibricks' functionality into your own with our API

    Busibricks' API lets your developers integrate your existing systems with ours, from simple enquiry handling to fully fledged user system hookups Busibricks' API can have a direct benefit to your customer's experience while reducing the workload for head office and your franchisees.

Key Features

Protect your brand

Ensure your brand is used correctly at all times and share the latest franchise guides and manuals from one central location.

Real time reporting

Access live performance reports on customers, activity, active jobs, kpis, finances and more

Dedicated Diaries & Calendar sharing

See your franchisees and your team's tasks and appointments

Team messaging

Share messages with your teams. Integrate your messaging into Slack for even more effective communication

The CRM your business needs

Easily configure the Busibricks CRM to model your operations

Model your business

Design your organisational structure within Busibricks. Improve efficiency with streamlined team communications and activities

Personalise your user experience

Create a social experience with office icons and team photos

Capture the data that makes your business run smoothly

Create user, departmental and office profiles that record the information that is key to your business. Easily keep up to date personnel and office records

Delegate to your team and your franchisees

Assign simple tasks and more complex projects to franchisees and head office team members

Upload files to Team and CRM records

Keep related contracts and other critical documents safe and secure in the cloud

Always be on hand to help your franchisees

Our Remote Administration feature lets you to log in as another user so you can help out before an issue becomes a problem

Customise CRM categories to create the profiles you and your franchisees need

Create the categories your business needs with custom properties, contact information and permissions

Keep on top of the conversation

Access email conversations between your users and customers

Convert your core processes into interactive applications

Make life easy for everyone with Busibricks process driven applications. Hire the best candidates with less effort by building your dream franchise recruitment application. Keep your franchisee's happy with efficient sales and customer care applications that mirror how you want your operation to run.

Capture KPIs from all activity

Keep a close eye on productivity and performance

Save time with personalised, branded emails

Never write 'standard' emails again. Emails from Busibricks applications can be easily template driven to get maximum advantage with minimum effort

Create personalised brochures, documents and signable contracts

Busibricks applications enable you to create personalised pdf documents from simple letters to image rich reports and electronically signable contracts.


Keep track on your income and expenditure with our simple book keeping ledgers. Leverage full accounting functionality by syncing Busibricks with your Xero or Quickbooks accounts.

Success Stories

Streamlined management for a growing franchise business

Wagging Tails was a franchise business that needed to simplify in order to grow.

When your operation grows, so do your problems. Issues such as accounting, tracking franchisee revenue, increasingly complicated processes, and even using multiple systems can all seem to take over. That's what successful franchisors Lisa and Jim Suswain experienced when their network grew.

Offering a home-from-home alternative to kennels, Wagging Tails prides itself on customer care that extends not just to the humans paying the bills, but to their furry friends too. Because of this focus, Wagging Tails treats each pet as a customer in it's own right along with the records, notes and processes that go along with this. As their business expanded, they found themselves struggling to keep up with the administration required to keep growing such a customer-service focused business.

That's when they turned to Busibricks.

The team at Busibricks worked with Lisa, Jim and their team to analyse the organisation, modelling their core processes and identifying problem areas. Having identified the bottlenecks and wasteful processes, the Busibricks team created a tailored solution that simplified Wagging Tails' tasks, making everyday jobs simpler for staff, and vastly cutting back on inefficient paperwork.

"Busibricks works around your business rather than you having to fit your business into their system; which was our experience with other providers."
Jim Suswain, Director, Wagging Tails Limited

Wagging Tails' franchisees were provided with one joined up system that gave them what they needed, when they needed it. Built to manage their their individual jobs, Busibricks was configured to guide each franchisee (and the head office team) through each task with the minimum of fuss. This created more time to spend on what Wagging Tails is passionate about, delivering a quality, stress free service to animal and human alike.

"Nick and his team have been great to work with and have configured Busibricks to work seamlessly with our existing system. It's had a huge time saving effect on our franchisees; allowing them to devote more time to the running and development of their businesses."
Lisa Suswain Wagging Tails UK Limited

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