Trying to grow a greener business?

Frustrated by the amount of paper your company wastes? Concerned about the increasing cost of delivery?

By building your business with Busibricks you can accelerate the speed at which you transact while reducing paper waste and cutting delivery costs. Busibricks enables you increase efficiencies while helping the environment.

How can Busibricks help me grow a greener business?

  • Close deals and complete agreements faster

    By removing the need for paper based signatures on your contracts Busibricks reduces the time required to complete agreements and close sales. An electronically signed document is typically returned in minutes not days.

  • Assure your processes are followed while increasing efficiency

    Busibricks' rapid build interactive applications modelled on your core processes make your day to day operations run like clockwork.

  • Reduce paper, ink and postage costs

    Busibricks process driven applications are perfect for producing personalised PDF documents and electronically Signable contracts.

  • Reduce waste and environmental impact

    By increasing company efficiency, reducing your need for paper and traditional delivery Busibricks helps minimise your environmental impact.

  • Improve customer service - make signing simpler and faster

    Make your customers lives easier by creating pre-populated forms, documents and contracts for them to proof and sign.

  • Keep all of your sensitive documents and data securely in the cloud.

    Our partner Signable ensure that your signed documents are kept safely and securely in the cloud. We keep your application data and original documents safe too.

  • Build customer driven paperless processes with the Busibricks' API

    Put your customers in the driving seat by giving them control over their account information held in Busibricks while your retain overall control of their records.

Key Features

Manage your Business day from one central location

Keep track of all your team's projects, tasks and appointments

Keep team information up to date

Easily keep up to date personnel and office records

Capture the data that makes your business run smoothly

Create user, departmental and office profiles that record the information that is key to your business

Upload files to Team and CRM records

Keep related contracts and other critical documents safe and secure in the cloud

Save time with personalised, branded emails

Never write 'standard' emails again. Emails from Busibricks applications can be easily template driven to get maximum advantage with minimum effort

Reduce printing costs with personalised documents

Cut down on printing costs by creating personalised PDF brochures containing the information your customers really want

Create electronically signable agreements

Accelerate the speed at which you do business with personalised e-contracts that can be securely signed electronically and returned in seconds not days

Convert your core processes into interactive applications

Make life easy for everyone with Busibricks process driven applications. Hire the best staff with less effort by building your dream recruitment application.

Engage your staff

Keep your staff happy and engaged with super efficient applications that help take the drudge out of their day to day job

Capture KPIs from all business activity

Keep a close eye on productivity, performance, impact and waste

Real time reporting

Access live performance reports on customers, activity, active jobs, kpis, finances and more

Customisable CRM categories that reflect your business needs

Create the categories your business needs with custom properties, contact information and permissions

Success Stories

Busibricks brings LiFE to Universities and Colleges.

One of the first projects Busibricks was used in was as the foundation for LiFE, Learning in Future Environments a self assesment tool developed for the EAUC (Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges).

The LiFE Index is a comprehensive performance improvement system developed specifically to help institutions manage, measure, improve and promote social responsibility and sustainability performance.

The LiFE Index is "a tool designed for the sector, by the sector, has benefits for the institution ... you take which benefits you want but also a tool that you can shape and grow."

Jimmy Brannigan, The Life Index / ESD Consulting Ltd

The LiFE Index enables its users to:

  • Review, track and manage performance across key areas of the LiFE frameworks 
  • Take responsibility for an area of the system that has been assigned to you
  • Upload, search or edit documents
  • Generate reports and export data
  • Gain EAUC accreditation – upload the necessary information to have your performance independently verified.
  • Administration – add users and assign permissions and tasks
  • Share best practice, communicate with and get support from other users in the forums

Who are The EAUC?

The EAUC is the sustainability champion for universities and colleges in the UK. Run by members for its members, the EAUC seeks to drive sustainability to the heart of further and higher education. They have a membership of over 300 university, college and learning and skills providers from across the UK. Being member-led, they deliver member services and resources that continually add value and offer exclusive access to information, ideas and news from many of the projects we’re involved in.

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