Trying to enhance business productivity?

Frustrated by your company's ability to deliver consistent results on time and to budget?

By building your business with Busibricks you can increase overall efficiency, improve staff morale and provide a better service to your customers. Busibricks helps you grow a more profitable and productive business.

How can Busibricks help me build a more productive business?

  • Focus your team

    Reduce confusion and wasted time. Ensure the right training and resources are in place.

  • Ensure consistency

    Provide standardised processes to ensure the quality of your products and services is kept consistently high.

  • Keep control of your business

    Analyse KPIs at any time. Get performance snapshots of individual projects, departments, or your entire operation.

  • Reduce boredom

    Simplify complicated tasks and minimise mundane and repetitive ones. Enable your staff to use the skills that add real value to your business and provide true job satisfaction.

  • Meet deadlines

    Plan your resources and your timescales to ensure that you reach your targets.

  • Help your organisation grow

    With control, visibility, and streamlined processes your business can grow without pain.

Key Features

Real time reporting

Access live performance reports on customers, activity, active jobs, kpis, finances and more

Team messaging

Share messages with your teams. Integrate your messaging into Slack for even more effective communication

Dedicated Diaries & Calendar sharing

Stay on top of your workers tasks and appointments

Model your business

Map your organisational hierarchy within Busibricks. Improve efficiency with streamlined team communications and activities.

Create a social work experience

Create a more social working environment with icons, photos and record sharing

Keep team information up to date

Easily keep up to date personnel and office records

Capture the data that makes your business run smoothly

Create user, departmental and office profiles that record the information that is key to your business

Delegation made easy

Assign and manage tasks and more complex projects

Upload files to Team and CRM records

Keep relevant contracts and other critical documents safe and secure in the cloud

Save time with personalised, branded emails

Ensure high quality communication from your workers. Emails from Busibricks applications can be easily template driven to get maximum clarity and effect with minimum effort

Create personalised brochures, documents and sign-able contracts

Busibricks applications enable you to create personalised pdf documents from simple letters to image rich reports and electronically signable contracts.

Capture KPIs from all activities

Keep a close eye on team productivity and performance

Success Stories

Busibricks, we speak your language.

When we were asked to upgrade David McDowall's flagship English language teacher recruitment site ( from a 1990's legacy system to one that would serve for many years into the future we ensured that we were giving him the right tools for the job.

Because was both complex and business critical we spent a long time analysing the existing system and planning the best route to manage the change for customers, suppliers as well as David and his team at head office. The result is a system that will allow David to future proof the technology for his business.

"We consider that Wildfire has provided us with a quality, effective and robust system which should be easily upgradeable in the future."

One of the biggest challenges was migrating the data from the old system and ensuring it was usable moving forward. We worked hard to assure the appropriate safeguards were in place and ensured any unforeseen issues were quickly resolved.

The upgrade was an immediate success for David's business following the launch, a great deal of which David has attributed to our systems: "Since going live over six months ago our customer-base and sales have increased, we feel sure that the new system has contributed to this. Having dealt with Wildfire on a daily basis for some years now, we have always found them responsive, communicative and excellent problem solvers. As one would expect, the team has a first class technical background, they are also able to communicate this well with those of us with a lesser grasp of the engineering of software systems."

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