Trying to grow a remote workforce for your business?

Struggling to recruit and manage your team of cloud workers?

By building your business with Busibricks you can source the best staff and manage their activity from the security of the cloud. Busibricks helps you make your projects happen.

How can Busibricks help me build my online business?

  • Create and manage task based projects for your workers to complete

    Build reusable interactive applications to keep your cloud workers on track. Save training costs and increase productivity

  • Recruit online workers for your projects

    Integrate your recruitment system into Busibricks. Source prospects online and manage their appraisal to assure you get the best staff for your online team.

  • Manage payments to and from your workers

    Collect revenues direct or from your workers. Manage commission and salary payments automatically with the Busibricks accounts application, Go Cardless and Paypal.

  • Support your workers wherever they are

    Build a culture of support with Busibricks. Provide multichannel support. Provide all core training materials and documentation in one central location. Save time and costs to train. Reduce support costs.

  • See in real time how your project teams and individual workers are performing

    With Busibricks real time reporting you get a clear idea of how everyone is doing.

  • Assure project processes are followed and tasks are completed to your satisfaction

    Busibricks process driven applications assure that jobs are completed the way you want them to be.

  • Share your projects online using Busibricks' API

    Extend your own website with Busibricks functionality to bring your recruitment and management applications to the public.

Key Features

Protect your brand

Ensure your brand is used correctly at all times

Real time reporting

Access live performance reports on customers, activity, active jobs, kpis, finances and more

Dedicated Diaries & Calendar sharing

Stay on top of your workers tasks and appointments

Model your business

Map your organisational hierarchy within Busibricks. Improve efficiency with streamlined team communications and activities

Create a social experience

Create a more social working environment with icons, photos and record sharing

Capture the data that makes your business run smoothly

Create user, departmental and office profiles that record the information that is key to your business. Easily keep up to date personnel and office records.

Easily delegate to your workers

Assign and manage simple tasks and more complex projects

Upload files to Team and CRM records

Keep related contracts and other critical documents safe and secure in the cloud

Always be on hand to help your workers with tasks and projects

Our Remote Administration feature lets you to log in as another user so you can help out before an issue becomes a problem

Customisable CRM categories that reflect your business needs

Create the categories your business needs with custom properties, contact information and permissions

Keep on top of the conversation

Ensure your customer care is the best by keeping in the loop with conversations between your workers and customers

Capture KPIs from all activity

Keep a close eye on worker productivity and performance

Save time with personalised, branded emails

Ensure high quality communication from your workers. Emails from Busibricks applications can be easily template driven to get maximum clarity and effect with minimum effort

Create personalised brochures, documents and sign-able contracts

Busibricks applications enable you to create personalised pdf documents from simple letters to image rich reports and electronically signable contracts.


Keep track on worker income and expenditure with our simple book keeping ledgers. Leverage full accounting functionality by syncing Busibricks with your Xero or Quickbooks accounts.

Success Stories

Busibricks, helping SyncThermology build a high quality business in the cloud

Sophie Gent Managing Director of SyncThermology was growing her business of physiological imaging for veterinary professionals and their clients. Offering a unique imaging concept to the industry that assists with animal diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

As the business expanded, so did a need for a solution to their growing issues of quality control and patient tracking. It had become increasingly difficult to assess that everyone was working to the same standards and having no central system meant holding patient records had become challenging. SyncThermology realised that they needed an element of control over their services that had previously been lacking. Immediately they started to look for a solution

Sophie picked up the phone and started calling a range of software companies, all of which she found quite confusing until she found Busibricks and spoke to Nick. Within the first 5 minutes she knew she had found someone who understood the challenges of running a business and the importance of quality control.

We talked through the software with Sophie and the potential it had to solve the problems that she had been encountering. Together we worked to create the package that SyncThermology now use to great effect.

“I knew I had found someone who understood the challenges of running a business and the importance of quality control”
Sophie Gent, Managing Director, SyncThermology

Busibricks provided SyncThermology with an insight into the company that changed the way they operated. They were able to improve their screening services and step up the quality of training. The system can grow with them as they grow as well as giving them confidence that they are in control of their company. As Sophie puts it herself ...

“It has saved everyone in the company time and energy as the processes are simple and user friendly. We are excited to develop the system further with the team at Busibricks.”
Sophie Gent, Managing Director, SyncThermology

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