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Monitor Network Performance

Ensure your franchisees are following your system.

frandesk reporting, helping franchise networks stay on top of the numbers

The success of your franchise business depends on your network successfully following your model, so our system makes it simple to track sales activity and monitor pipelines so you can stay ahead of any potential issues. Such is the power of the frandesk platform, while you're monitoring your franchisees' customer relationships, they themselves have access to their own private CRM enabling multi-tab management of all business tasks within their territory.

Take control of franchisee performance

Stay on top of network performance levels at all times, by tracking and improving your franchisees' productivity on a daily basis. Accessible through a well-organized single screen view, you can also monitor key performance indicators across your whole network and communicate with individual franchise owners to maximize growth. All available with transparent, great value pricing, frandesk gives you the building blocks you need to succeed.

frandesk helps your network shark knowledge and resources

Knowledge is key to influencing growth

Don't guess at the issues facing your franchise owners, or assume you know what they need to grow - let our powerful 'Customer Relationship Management' (CRM) system do all the hard work for you. Gain key insights into your franchisees on a network wide and individual basis, and provide them with the tools to prosper. Automate performance reports and streamline key processes - all from one user-friendly interface, while also controlling exactly what everyone sees based on custom access permissions.