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Recruit more franchisees

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frandesk helping to find the right candidates for your network

Streamline your recruitment pipeline and attract prospective franchisees that are the right fit for your network. Our intuitive, user-friendly interface will empower you to engage with candidates at each stage of their application, while sophisticated messaging automation and pipeline analysis tools mean you can refine your processes and improve conversions based on real time feedback.

Improve the effectiveness of your franchise recruitment process:

Working out which of your franchise marketing campaigns works best can be time consuming. Our tools enable you to quickly test and refine your key messaging to achieve the best return on investment - helping you attract the right franchisees for less. .

frandesk helps get the right franchisees onboard fast

Recruiting top quality franchisees starts with acquiring and nurturing leads. Our powerful workflow systems collate all your leads to streamline your recruitment process and keep potential franchisees engaged by automating key responses. Our sophisticated tracking system lets you monitor all interactions until your customised screening process is complete.

Sign them up and move them on to monitor their progress as a franchisee