Success Story: Wagging Tails


Building their franchise business with Busibricks

Streamlined management for a growing franchise business

Wagging Tails was a franchise business that needed to simplify in order to grow.

When your operation grows, so do your problems. Issues such as accounting, tracking franchisee revenue, increasingly complicated processes, and even using multiple systems can all seem to take over. That's what successful franchisors Lisa and Jim Suswain experienced when their network grew.

Offering a home-from-home alternative to kennels, Wagging Tails prides itself on customer care that extends not just to the humans paying the bills, but to their furry friends too. Because of this focus, Wagging Tails treats each pet as a customer in it's own right along with the records, notes and processes that go along with this. As their business expanded, they found themselves struggling to keep up with the administration required to keep growing such a customer-service focused business.

That's when they turned to Busibricks.

The team at Busibricks worked with Lisa, Jim and their team to analyse the organisation, modelling their core processes and identifying problem areas. Having identified the bottlenecks and wasteful processes, the Busibricks team created a tailored solution that simplified Wagging Tails' tasks, making everyday jobs simpler for staff, and vastly cutting back on inefficient paperwork.

"Busibricks works around your business rather than you having to fit your business into their system; which was our experience with other providers."
Jim Suswain, Director, Wagging Tails Limited
Wagging Tails' franchisees were provided with one joined up system that gave them what they needed, when they needed it. Built to manage their their individual jobs, Busibricks was configured to guide each franchisee (and the head office team) through each task with the minimum of fuss. This created more time to spend on what Wagging Tails is passionate about, delivering a quality, stress free service to animal and human alike.

"Nick and his team have been great to work with and have configured Busibricks to work seamlessly with our existing system. It's had a huge time saving effect on our franchisees; allowing them to devote more time to the running and development of their businesses."
Lisa Suswain Wagging Tails UK Limited