How many times have you heard or seen the question in the title of this blog as an intro to a piece about inspiring you to make more money, be more ruthless than your competitors, succeed in every aspect of business life and find that it is usually followed by the phrase “for only £xxxx, we can….” ?

Really? Is this what drives you ?

I was attending a family wedding last Friday and when asked to sign the guestbook and write a little something to the new bride and groom; I remembered a saying that I picked up some years ago and took it as my personal mantra. At least, I did for a while until life, business and the million and one things that drive us interfered and pushed this little phrase to the background.

Upon remembering it on Friday – it again inspired me to think of it every day as my philosophical kick-start . It is attributed to the Dalai Lama (if this is incorrect, someone please let me know) and it is:

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

It’s a beautifully simple phrase. It is faith-neutral, it speaks a universal truth and it is a powerful reminder to us to count the important things in our lives.

So, as I start another week which will no doubt have challenges both personal and professional and as I face the vagaries of the British weather, I will once again (now that it is refreshed in my memory) remember the simple little phrase above.

It doesn’t of course act as an instant panacea, but just thinking of the phrase inspires the wonderful device that is our brain to fire off associations and memories, experiences and events that make us think about happiness and what really makes our lives worthwhile.

Happiness doesn’t pay the bills, but being in a positive frame of mind often shortens the path to a positive outcome when we are facing problems or when something goes wrong.

So…wake up tomorrow and repeat the phrase to yourself and see if it has an effect on your day.